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Tips for Traveling with Somebody who has Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease whose symptoms worsen over time. People experiencing this disease usually have difficulties with new environments, new people, changes in routines, time zone, fatigue, and noise. Managing these challenges at their early stages is more accessible as the person is less likely to be agitated, distressed, or disoriented than in their later stages.

Therefore, it is vital to weigh the challenges of traveling with a loved one in such a condition, no matter how long or short the vacation is. Additionally, adequate preparation for these unique challenges may make the experience less intimidating for caregivers and their loved ones. Here are some tips that will make your next trip more manageable:

Allow Extra Time

People suffering from this condition experience difficulties adjusting to new people and surroundings; therefore, it is crucial to understand that they need extra time to feel comfortable in their new environment. Consequently, be patient with them and allow plenty of time to make the trip less stressful.

Identification Bracelets Should Be Worn

Identification bracelets are essential for seniors who may wander for easy identification. Without a bracelet, mount labels on their clothes containing their ID and your contact details for easy contact.

Ask for Special Accommodations

Many travel companies will try to provide special accommodations to caregivers traveling with people with this condition. Also, when booking any travel ticket, let the agent know that your loved one has the disease. Doing so will enable them to help you book bulkhead seats, usually very comfortable and close to the lavatory.


Living with Alzheimer’s does not mean that it is necessary to stop participating in meaningful activities such as travel. The above tips will play a role in ensuring that you experience a stress-free, safe, and comfortable trip.

Common Traits of Individuals That Love Traveling


After talking to a dear friend of mine, owner of RG3 Collision explained to me that traveling involves moving from one place to another and experiencing different beautiful adventures. The adventures become unforgettable memories. And if you love to travel, that’s a part of who you are. You never run out of reasons when asked why you love traveling. Below are common traits of individuals like you who love to travel.


Frequent travelers are creative. They don’t get tired of traveling and constantly look for new, exciting travel destinations. They will generate new ideas whenever they plan trips.


Travelers are constantly moving from one place to another. They meet new people from time to time and learn new things. They are never tired of meeting new people. Also, planning their trip makes them excited and curious to experience something new.


While traveling, travelers get a chance to see new things. These might be things the locals take for granted, but travelers find beauty in them and recognize their worth and value. They appreciate the simple things that most people don’t treasure. Travelers also appreciate their family and friends back at home.

Adapt Well

Traveling to unknown destinations forces one to adapt to new environments, meet new people, and experience something different. You will travel to a place that speaks a foreign language, and you will have to learn it to converse with the locals. People who love to travel adapt quickly to new environments and function with new laws.


As you travel, especially solo, you realize it’s just you and the world. You take responsibility for your decisions and the steps you take. You learn how to deal with challenges that come your way.

Traveling is rewarding. With the above tips, you can identify a person that loves to travel. The person grows and gains a lot from traveling.


Who is a Travel Vlogger?


Have you met a person that says he is a travel vlogger? Maybe this has left you asking, what does being a travel vlogger entails? A travel vlogger is a person that travels the world creating and sharing videos about their experiences. In most cases, travel vloggers use YouTube to share their video content.

YouTube is awash with vlogs via which people share their travel experiences. A travel vlog is an informative and short video that a traveler publishes on social media. People created the term vlog by contracting the words video and blog. Therefore, travel vloggers share short videos that act as information sources or guides for people that want to visit different destinations.

In most cases, travel vloggers share videos about destinations, accommodations, activities, adventure, lifestyle, and food. What’s more, a vlogger can use videos to showcase their personality and the reasons to visit different destinations.

Becoming a Travel Vlogger

Some people think becoming a travel vlogger is full of fun because you only travel and take videos that you share online. However, becoming a travel vlogger comes with challenges. Essentially, you must commit yourself to create videos that your target audience will love. Also, you must promote your videos to get more views and bring more traffic to your vlog.

Successful travel vloggers create videos about different things, including travel tips, destinations, and advice. Also, you can travel to any destination to bring your audiences the information they will find relevant and valuable. Additionally, travel vlogging requires you to capture the people’s cultures, nature’s beauty, local practices and food, and much more.

Why Become a Travel Vlogger?

Becoming a travel vlogger is a great way to explore the world, learn, have fun, and share your experiences. Essentially, you can use your travel vlogs to educate people and inspire them to travel. It’s also an excellent way to earn money by monetizing your travel videos. Nevertheless, you need to create and share videos periodically to get a good following and bring more traffic to your travel vlog.

What Can Traveling Do For a Person?


You’ve probably wondered why some people leave their homes to travel the world. Maybe the question that is lingering in your mind now is, what can traveling do for a person? Well, traveling can change a person’s life in many ways. Here are some of the reasons why people travel more often. 


Most people travel more often to learn. When you travel, you experience something different or unfamiliar. This leaves you with new knowledge or skills. Exploring the world is educational. It provides an educational experience that you may not get in school or college. 


You need something challenging to spice up your life. Traveling provides a chance to escape the daily routine and enjoy a different experience. When you travel, you face challenges that require you to come up with ways to overcome them. For instance, you may end up lost in a city where you have to find a way out. You can also engage in a challenging activity like zip-lining. What’s more, you may have to learn a new language to communicate with your hosts. These are some of the challenges that can boost your overall life skills. 

Broadening Your Perspective 

When you travel, you open your mind. That’s because you learn different ways of living life. You meet people from different places and interact with them. Your interactions can bring fresh ideas that can improve how you live your life. Exposure to different cultures, people, and places will broaden your world view. 

Connecting With Yourself

Your busy life back at home can make you lose touch with yourself. Traveling is a time to reflect and reconnect. You can take your time away to rethink and decide how to live your life moving forward. Thus, you come back home a better person than you were when you left. 

Traveling makes you start appreciating life. You realize that some of the things that you take for granted back at home are a luxury to others. If you’ve not been traveling, start doing it to see how your life will change.

Important Things to Do Whenever you Travel


While having a deep conversation over some drinks with my fellow realtor friend explaining to me the importance of traveling, and how it’s been a part of her success with her real estate firm Move Up San Antonio. She shared with me that whether you’re new to traveling or a seasoned explorer of the world, you should do certain things to enjoy your overall experience. You don’t just need to locate a hot spot and pass by it. You should do specific things to enjoy your travel experience regardless of your destination. Here are some of the things to do whenever you travel to enhance your experience. 

Interact with the Locals 

It’s easy to be tempted to stay in your hotel room or resort throughout your stay. However, this won’t give you the best experience when you travel. Therefore, interact with the locals whenever you travel to enjoy the experience. However, make safety your priority as you do this. 

Locals can provide useful information that will enable you to engage in more fulfilling activities. For instance, local people can give you tips for a concierge for off-the-beaten-path suggestions. Therefore, talk to the locals to learn more about the best places to visit at your travel destination. 

Use Public Transport 

You won’t feel the scope of your travel destination without using public transport. Buses are especially better when you want to grasp the neighborhoods. Nevertheless, keep your open and carry a map. Also, take care of personal belongings throughout the trip. 

Visit the Local Markets 

Traveling provides a chance to purchase special items away from home. You just need to be careful to avoid buying fake products. Visiting reputable markets at your travel destination is a great way to get a memento of your trip. Therefore, don’t spend all of your time in a hotel or resort. Instead, venture out to the local market to grasp a memento. 

Record Your Travel Memories 

Take photos and keep a good diary. These are some of the things that will enable you to recap your travel experiences. They will enable you to look back and recall your trip. You can even share them with loved ones. This can even inspire your friends and relatives to travel. 

If you’re new to traveling, make sure that you do such things to make your trip the most unforgettable. 

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