4 Ways to Be a Traveler and Not a Tourist


Travelers are individuals that want to experience a different culture, view, and experience without tourist traps. According to Justin V. who runs one of the best San Antonio party rooms in Texas explains to me that to become a traveler, you have to focus on culture of the locals at your travel destination. You also need to connect with the locals at the destination. Here are 4 ways you can be a traveler without being a tourist.

Focus on the Culture

Study the culture of the locals at your travel destination before you travel. Know their culture and history to connect with them with ease. Studying your destination before you travel will make you a more conscious traveler. It will also improve your overall travel experience. Read guidebooks and local newspapers. You can also watch documentaries.

Connect with the Locals

Talk to the locals at your travel destinations. Engage in their activities. For instance, you can join the locals at your travel destination when hiking or riding bicycles. You can also use public transport when traveling from one destination to another instead of a taxi. This will give you a chance to interact with the locals and learn more from them.

Be Spontaneous

Embrace spontaneity instead of coming up with a comprehensive itinerary. Keep planning minimal and go with the glow. Being spontaneous allows you to follow the recommendations provided by the locals. You also enjoy new experiences by trying out things you didn’t plan for when coming up with your itinerary.

Take the Less Travelled Road

Instead of flying, take a train. This will enable you to enjoy the scenery and the surroundings. You also meet and talk to the locals when you use a bus or train than when you fly. If possible, drive yourself without using the highways. Driving will enable you to stop and talk to the locals.

Try these ways to be a traveler and not a tourist. Most importantly, focus on enjoying every minute of your trip without standing out or shouting to everyone that you are not a local.